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Eco City- Live In A Healthy Environment

We tend to exist in a world chock-full of challenges and scopes that go hand in hand. All of us desire a lavish living which brings with itself the necessity of putting up in greener surroundings for leading a healthier life.With a similar vision in mind to neutral the effects of fast-paced life, Mehak Infrastructure Builder introduces Mehak Eco City, adjoining to Wave City Golf Course, located at NH-91, G.T. Road. It is a perfect blend of eclectic mix of contemporary designs and luxurious lifestyle, that too within your means.

  • An idyllic eco-city hooks in the subsequent provisions:
  • This city features a totally carbon-neutral and renewable power generation system
  • It puts together an on the docket layout of public transportation system
  • A well-planned resource conservation layout is integrated to maximize the effectiveness of water and energy resources
  • A systematized waste management system is installed to recycle and reuse the waste which results in zero-waste scenario
  • A perfect get away from environmentally damaged urban regions
  • It ensures the generation of employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, minorities etc. by upright housing solutions

Eco-cities are set up with a motive of establishing healthier urban residents that Mehak Infrastructure builder initiated all the way through the accomplishment of feasible practices that perk up ecological standards which in turn drops off the pressure on public health. Next to putting eco-friendly practices in existence, it indirectly leads to the diminishing rates of respiratory syndromes in urban areas.


  • Amenities8
  • Connectivity8
  • Environment7
  • Locality7
  • Overall7
  • 7.4



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