What should I consider before selling my home? When is the right time?

I have made up my mind to sell my home. I want to know the best time to put my property on sale to get maximum profit. What are the things that need to be taken care of before putting a real estate on sale?

Selling a property isn’t as simple and easy as sticking up “for sale” sign. It’s a tricky job and there’s more to it than just waiting for buyers to come to you. Whether you want to put your property for sale or not, it should be your own decision entirely. The house is probably your biggest investment so don’t rush into anything.

Consider these 5 points before selling your property.


Most home owners want to sell their property quickly to score a decent profit while the market isn’t down. But remember that the market you sell in is the market you buy from. If you plan on investing in real estate soon after selling your property, wait for normal market conditions. Not too high, not too low.


Right Price

If the price tag you put on your house is fair and reasonable, you will attract dozens of serious buyers within the first week. Do your research, know about market rates of real estate and decide the price accordingly. Buyers are well aware of market rates too.



The role of seasons on purchase or sale of property is often underestimated by many. Buyers are likely to be on a house-hunt during moderate seasons. You wouldn’t get to showcase your house when it’s raining heavily or the weather is too hot/cold. Remember that more number of buyers means more options.



Take these three important market factors before selling your house:

  • The current scenario of market- is it favourable for sellers or buyers?
  • How homes for sale are doing in your town? Are they scoring good profit?
  • The rate of interest. Is it too high or too low?

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